The Happiness and Welfare of Your Dog is Paramount at All Times


The Girls Look So Lovely

“Thank you for making the girls look so lovely when we come to the UK for the summer.”

Mr and Mrs King (Florida, USA)

The Dogs and Cats Love You

“Auntie Clare, you are the best thing that has happened to us. The dogs and cats love you, and so do we!”

Phil and Elaine

Dog Grooming

Thank You for Looking After Denzil

“Thank you for looking after Denzil and walking him while I was in hospital.”


Rupert Always Looks Stunning

“Wow, you make it look all so easy, and Rupert always looking stunning when you have finished. IT’s great to watch you work, and see Rupert so relaxed and stress-free!”


Helping with the Puppies

“Thank you, Clare, for helping with the 12 puppies, so that we could go to work and not have to worry about lunch-time feeds, and knew that they were all safe.”

David and Mark

As Stress-Free as Possible

“Thank you, Clare, for introducing our puppy Poppy to grooming. It was her first session and she was so well-behaved for you. You really put her at ease, and I loved the fact you came to our home to keep everything as stress-free as possible.”


You Are a Gem

“Thank you Clare, you are a gem for having Marley to stay. She loves her holidays with you!”


My Dog Enjoys Being Groomed

“I never knew my dog could be so well-behaved, and enjoy being groomed! He always plays up when I try!”


Buster Looks Fab

“Hi Clare, Buster looks fab as always. Thanks for making him look handsome.”


Toby Has a Better Holiday than We Do

“I think sometimes that Toby has a better holiday than we do! Thanks for giving him such a great time, and allowing us to go off and enjoy our holiday.”


I Don’t Know How We Would Manage Without You

“I don’t know how we would manage without you, Clare. Thank you for looking after the dogs so that we can get away. A big thank you for helping after Wolfie had his operation and needed so much care and medication.”


dog grooming

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